Sunday, May 30, 2010

Breath of Fresh Air

I am beginning to write again after leaving this blog barren for so long. =)
I will *attempt* to update as frequently and share the ups and downs in life, the tips and tricks, my point of view and I will paint my story with every possible choice of colour on the palette.

Its a fresh start, under a new light. Some of you may realized that previous posts had been deleted and a new page is turned.

ps: Blogging takes effort and consistency, and I am still (and continuing to) salute at people who can keep up with it. I have very little of those two elements. That sort of explain why I pause writing a year ago. So be my muse, request a story, ask for a tip or two and lets see if you can keep me posting eh?

What I will write about on next post:
Europe Travelogue series: Spread My Wings and Fly Away

Stay tune~ O.o


cyfu said...

nice to see you here...

nabilah saraf said...

yin, you have a loooot more to blog about! hihihih ;)